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UKWIR facilitates collaborative research for
UK water operators


UKWIR currently manages over 70 projects for UK Water companies.  To enable us to continue meeting our members' requirements, UKWIR requires a high quality, excellent value, innovative service from our contractors. 

The projects proposed for next year's programme (see list below) will need to be delivered effectively and efficiently within UKWIR's tightly controlled budget. Contractors who are interested in bidding for any of the new projects should click on the 'Interested' link connected to that project's details and complete the form there. This form will automatically be passed to the relevant Project Manager.  The deadline for Expressions of Interest is 31 December 2014 - Expressions of Interest will not be accepted after this date.

NB Owing to the large number of expressions of interest received, these may not be acknowledged. Completion of the form does not guarantee that the contractor will be invited to tender for the work.

A radical re-evaluation of the use of stored water reservoirs

An open multimedia learning and knowledge resource for the water industry

Assessing the impact of a distribution burst driven mains renewal programme on leakage control effort

Best Practice for Sediment Management for Reservoirs and River Impoundments

Biodiversity / Ecosystem Services - what does it mean for the water industry and for climate change?: A Framework proposal

Can passive sampling devices provide more useful data than discrete samples

Catchment Management (CM) – how do we know it has worked?

Customer taps and their influence on water quality

Data, Information and Knowledge (The big data project)

Developing good practice in water use, household occupancy customer surveys and micro-component analysis. (name changed to) Integration of behavioural change into demand forecasting and water efficiency practices

Enhanced storm flow treatment

Fast logging for improved estimation of household night use

Fostering evidence led research in the Water Industry – establishing a foundation that connects.

Future estimation of unmeasured household consumption

GAC Quality and Operational Management including Regeneration, alternative adsorbents, ozone and alternative oxidation technologies

Ground Infiltration Modelling - better scientific understanding

Intelligent Assets - Condition and Performance Monitoring Techniques

Invasive and Non-Native Species (INNS)

Lead Compliance Techniques and Costs

Managing water chemistry to control pipe corrosion rates.

Nickel Compliance due to Fittings - A review of risk factors and identification of potential control measures

Overcoming the reliance on short term flow surveys to develop and verify sewer network models.

Reviewing customer and stakeholder engagement in PR14

Setting performance commitments and incentives to deliver best value for money

Spray lining in Water Distribution Networks

SuDS Symbology and Data Model

Trade Effluent Risk Assessment, Sampling and Monitoring: Best Practice Guidance

Understanding how best to align the funding processes, policy ( eg design standards) and regulations associated with various bodies who have a role in resolving flooding.

Validating Pathogen Inactivation and Removal on Operational WTWs